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Refresh Membership

Welcome to the Good Order DC Refresh Membership – your year-round solution for effortlessly maintaining your transformed spaces. Say goodbye to the stress of clutter and misplaced items. Rest assured as our dedicated team safeguards your valuable investment. With convenient bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly visits, our expert organizers will rejuvenate your previously organized spaces. Whether it’s refolding, relabeling, rearranging, or decluttering, we've got it covered. Your spaces deserve to stay beautifully organized every day, and we're here to make that a reality!





3 Hour Session with Two Organizers every 2 weeks (Save 20%)




3 Hour Session with Two Organizers every month (Save 15%) 




3 Hour Session with Two Organizers every quarter (Save 10%) 

Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility and Usage:

  • The Refresh Membership is exclusively available for spaces previously organized by Good Order DC. Refresh sessions or hours purchased are valid only for these previously organized spaces.

2. Cancellation Policy:

  • A 30-day notice is required for cancellation of the Refresh Subscription. Notice should be provided via email to

3. Billing and Recurrence:

  • Billing for the Refresh Membership is recurring and will be processed on a bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, as per the subscribed package.

4. Session Utilization:

  • Session hours purchased must be utilized within the recurrence cycle chosen by the client. For instance, allocated hours must be used each quarter, month, or bi-weekly depending on the subscription.

  • Unused hours from a cycle do not rollover to the following recurrence.

5. Session Rescheduling:

  • A recurring date and time will be set for each Refresh session visit. Clients are required to provide a minimum of 72 hours notice to reschedule a Refresh session. Notice should be communicated to

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